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Welcome to Black Sky Training

Black Sky Training is the premier Commercial Human Spaceflight trainer for flight crew and spaceflight participants. Private human spaceflight companies need competent, well trained crews and spaceflight participants to comply with safety regulations and to minimize the risks associated with such flights. One of the most effective means for minimizing risk in this industry is to have competent trained crews and passengers.

Black Sky provides advanced spaceflight training for spaceflight participants, flight crew and

Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLV) pilots using safe and effective methods developed by recognized industry leaders. Our courses have been developed and are taught by Master Certified Flight Instructors (MCFI), Doctor of Neurology, certified expert in Human Behavior and Advance Ground Instructors (AGI).

Our courses, facilities and vehicles are designed to maximize learning in a fun and exciting atmosphere. A successful training environment is one that is not boring or run-of-the-mill, it becomes a stimulating experience. From the first step into BST's lobby, students will understand that it will be more than just "flight training"; it will be an adventure to remember forever.

For Immediate Release January 29, 2014


David Allen V.P. Marketing and Communications
Black Sky Training - www.blacksky.aero
[email protected] 559-281-3163 (cell)

On January 22, 2014, FAA/AST approved 5 courses for Black Sky Training. The addition of these courses to the BST’s first ever FAA approved space flight training course, High Altitude Physiology, given in BST’s Hypobaric Chamber, fulfills BST’s offering for the Space Flight Participant Series.

These revolutionary courses allow BST to offer FAA approved courses to train as commercial astronauts for not only Space Flight Participants, but to those wanting to become pilots of rocket powered RLV spacecraft and to any licensed pilot wanting to hone or advance their skills.

BST’s “modular” approach to training allows students to select courses from a 3-day package, a 5 day package or the complete 8 day course. The 8 day course is intended for those wishing to “Learn to fly to the Black SkyTM” with one of the sub-orbital or future orbital flight providers. This is the only flexible training program in the world, and now with FAA approval, exceeds most providers training requirements.

BST is excited to continue moving forward with course offerings and programs designed specifically with Commercial Space travel in mind. Training for safety, educating for funTM.

Black Sky Training is a division of Orbital Commerce Project, Inc