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a Team Building Program presented jointly by Black Sky Training and Zoom Air

Two industry pioneers have joined forces and their special talents to create a fresh, innovative, and effective team building program.

With the Adventure in Perspective, lessons are introduced in a stimulating classroom session, then reiterated and illustrated in activities out in the forest of the Central Florida Zoo. Your team's members will begin to understand how they spur or stifle constructive action by their teammates, what colors their personal responses to others, and how to use this information to move the team

to a higher vantage point! We understand the value of your resources. If you're going to pay your team (and us) for a day not devoted to the regular duties of bringing in revenue and keeping things running smoothly, you want the most bang for your buck. The Adventure in Perspective program is designed to provide that.

  • The day's agenda allows for minimal downtime; we want your team learning and growing the entire time they are with us.
  • Classroom instruction is interactive and geared to communicate with different styles of learning: Visual, auditory, and hands-on.
  • Participation in classroom activities is required; our trainers will make that happen.
  • There is a written test after the classroom material is presented. Results will be made available to you, to document that your team was engaged in learning the new material.
  • The outdoor activities put your team in a fresh environment, opening them up to new learning and development.
  • Using their bodies and all their senses and being active at different elevations opens participants even more to absorb the lessons and achieve literally a new perspective.
  • The low-ropes and on-ground initiatives give the participants opportunities to apply their new knowledge in a live "lab," helping the lessons to put down roots, so to speak, in their brains, and providing practice at generalizing the new material to real-life situations.
  • The Rainforest Team Trek, with a built-in activity again designed to reinforce the morning's training, pushes participants outside their comfort zones, giving them the opportunity to learn they can exceed their normal self-expectations and work effectively with others to help the whole team "rise above."
  • More timid participants who successfully conquer even part of the Rainforest walk away with increased self-confidence and less fear. (Our goal is that they conquer it all, and we're experienced at making that happen.)
  • At the end of the adventure, the experiences and lessons of the day are reviewed, clarified, and tied together in a facilitated debriefing session.

All program materials, bottled water, and a box lunch are provided.

For more information call (407) 330-0767 or email at [email protected]

Adventure In Perspective brochure


The OCP/BST Spaceflight exhibit is available for team building or social events. The Spaceflight exhibit gives guests the opportunity to compete as individuals or as teams while flying a rocket plane. It provides a fun and relaxing atmosphere where business can be conducted, relationships built and people connect. No other venue gives you the ability to bring spaceflight to your location.

  • Build team work within an organization
  • Strengthen ties with clients and vendors
  • Provide a fun way to engage employees and volunteers
  • Recruit new employees, clients and vendors

Download the Team Building / Corporate Event brochure

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