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Private human spaceflight companies need competent, well trained crews to comply with safety regulations and instill confidence in customers; just like commercial airlines depend on highly qualified flight crews to transport passengers safely. Before the private space industry can fully develop, the government and the public must be assured that companies involved in the industry are taking all necessary precautions to minimize the risks

associated with such flights. One of the most effective means for minimizing risk in this industry is to properly train crews.

Just as the crews need to be well trained, so do the flight participants. Flight participants, or space tourists, will need to be trained in all aspects of the space flight. From emergency procedures to general housekeeping, flight participants have to be able to interact with the crew and vehicle in an efficient and safe way. The ultimate goal of the training is to prepare the flight participant for their flight so that they are excited and not scared, allowing them to safely enjoy the trip.

As an integral part of the safety system, the FAA has developed crew training regulations and guidelines that enable students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to be safe and effective flight crew for the new space industry. They are also addressing the needs of spaceflight participants. Black Sky Training follows these guidelines closely and continuously reviews all courses to insure they are compliant.

BST training will be based upon a military style regimen, where distractions are minimized to facilitate efficient learning. Space travel is a potentially dangerous pursuit, and our program is specifically designed to stress professionalism and safety. All students will live at the facility in two person rooms for the duration of their training, with food and uniforms provided.

The training regime will be a balance between physical and mental components. From daily calisthenics, extensive classroom and simulator training to flight time in unique and unusual vehicles students will be well prepared for any challenge they encounter while flying in space. Students will learn how to handle high "gs" in an actual aircraft and emergency procedures in the hypobaric chamber. In short, students who graduate from BST's suborbital flight school will be qualified, proficient and FAA certified.