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General Aviation

Did you know?
  • Over 70% of General Aviation (GA) accidents are due exclusively to pilot error.
  • The personal flying accident rate has increase by 20% over the last 10 years.
  • GA fatal accidents have increased by 25% over the past 10 years.

At BST our priority is safety. Our position is that the prevention of an accident begins and ends with the crew. Crews that are not well trained or that have not remained current on training are an accident waiting to happen. This is even truer for pilots. To help reverse the trend in GA accidents and fatalities, BST is now offering courses for all pilots. Any pilot can now receive cutting edge training that will improve their safety and skill level.

BST courses are developed by MCFIs utilizing the latest Lessons Learned from multiple sources including the FAA, NTSB, AOPA, insurance companies and flight schools. The end result is highly effective training that applies to General Aviation as well as the spaceflight industry. A private pilot now has the ability, at BST, to reach the same knowledge and skill levels as an astronaut.

Remember: Being current in flight training can save a life (maybe even yours)

All BST flight courses are developed by Master Certified Flight Instructors

Current Courses

Scenario Based Physiological Altitude Training teaches you how to recognize and counter a silent killer; hypoxia. Mild hypoxia can be experienced at altitudes as low as 5,000 feet and adversely affects cognitive functions, coordination and judgment. This course teaches how to recognize the symptoms and mitigate the problem.

Energy Management Training - Coming soon

Stall/Spin/Upset Recovery - Coming soon

In an emergency, you will fly the way you trained!